Joylandi 24-Sen, 2020
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I had so much fun editing together some of these fun clips from my Among Us twitch streams! I am terrible at this game, please give me some tips.

SMALLBEANS: @SmallishBeans
Oli: @TheOrionSound
Joey: @Joey Graceffa
Quig: @Quig
Scott: @Dangthatsalongname
katherine: @Katherine Elizabeth Gaming
shubble: : @Shubble
meghan: @Strawburry17Plays
dantdm: @DanTDM
fwhip: @fWhip
Geminitay: @GeminiTay
RIPMika: @RIPmika
HBomb: @HBomb94
lauren: @LaurenzSide
jvckk: @jvckk
dowsey: @DOWSEY

Investigations by Kevin MacLeod

The Builder by Kevin MacLeod

Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod

Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  • Lizzie: come on Quig double kill time ... Quig: hey look a body

  • Lizzie: keeps on failing being an imposter but the innersloth will still let her struggle

  • i just noticed your hair i love it !

  • When your the imposter and you forget to mute and say: I’m ze imposter!

  • Everyone: Lets vote Fwhip! *Fwhip was an imposter* Joey: *sO iTs kAtHerInE aNd LizZiE?*

  • ÓvÒ ÓoÒ

  • Hahhahaha I just started watchihn your channel and I love it

  • omg Quig dubble kill now they no it's lizzie

  • The sound is cute in record and real life

  • Lizzie, you must to use the emergency meeting just if you find the impostor.

  • Wow just sussing everyone that’s definitely how its done

  • I waNt liZzie in my aMonG uS sHip! Shes an ultra deTecTiVEee

  • Wait what

  • Oooo joeyy knows what you did because you watch the video

  • Lizzie:Flip totally did the scan

  • Lizzie: we’re going to be the best imposters

  • As you get more pets you should build an island that is like their natural habitats like for a panda it’d be a bamboo bio

  • Lyssy

  • 18 mins long DANG! You must fail a lot!

  • 6:56 Katherine: I skipped just saying Scott: Is the imposter Katherine:… oh

  • 10:44 Lol I am at this point and how did Dan see fwhip if lights were off? Did he have IMPOSTOR vision? I'm sus of him now. Edit: Oh cool I was right I'm so smart neheheheheh!

  • Quig you traitor

  • Lizzie looks so freaking beautiful!!!

  • it's ok lizzie if every one thing you are the imposter

  • that one person named jisoo in the first round is ICONIC

  • "Remember when we all did that task?" MINUTES LATER... *gets voted out since they did not remember doing that task*

  • Very good

  • Lizzie what do you call a fake pasta a Impasta

  • Lizzie: me and quig are going to be the best imposters ....later: ........Lizzy was the imposter...... Me: HA!🤣

  • Me and quig are going to be the best imposter Lizzie kills in front of everyone

  • 14:27 umm what?....

  • i sub and like and turn on notifications to you just because you have a cat on screen

  • Lizzie your the best x I love your videos

  • do you have discord on minecraft

  • I love your among us videos so much!!!!🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🧸💕

  • O

  • WHEN does Lizzie stream?

  • Lizzie 😇🥳🤩🥰🥰😱😵

  • Lizzie: Me and Quig are going to be the best imposters. Also, Lizzie: Get's voted out Me be like: XD

  • Lizzie needs to try harder. She just narrates her crime.

  • I love you lorin

  • Lozzie

  • I rewinded it so much when Scott was guilty. And when everyone was like ohhh ahh I laughed so hard that now I have a tummy ach but still drinking cold coffee my mom made 😎

  • 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👍👏👍👏👏👍👏

  • Pls add more videos

  • Lol

  • I like your bear ears

  • I dont think he was thinking of a double kill😀😃😄😄😄😄

  • lizzy could have if she voted katherine cause then it will be equal and she can just sabotage anything and just kill 1 of them

  • Just because Katherine was the imposter doesn’t mean she killed him.

  • Its like your always changing your hair color XD XD

  • EqYaa

  • Lizzie: me and Quig are going to be the best imposters Five seconds later Lizzie: oh no Quig Quig Quig Qui... And then gets voted out

  • Lol

  • I love how Joey is her safety buddy and earlier she thought he was the imposter.😂😂😂

  • its Dantdm

  • Dan TDM us in this Norway this dude is in sane

  • hi

  • lizzy you are so cool

  • You never vent

  • My safety buddy is the cutest thing I have ever herd



  • Joel: Her line was DrEaDfUl

  • when you lose i lose

  • Pro Kathryn😯and lizzie is crewmate😇or is she imposter😈

  • Um just to let you know but if you the imposter and try to fake task the task bar won't go up

  • Lizzie:me and Quig are gonna be the best imposter..

  • Plz more among us

  • Me When I Eat Cookies Without Permission from my mom: 14:25

  • 👏🏻😃ssus

  • Lizzie: *being suspicious a bit* Everyone: I think she's fine

  • LOL

  • Did you know that everything that there's a animal version yeah and it can you talk about a microphone that other players and your boys

  • I love among us!!!!!!!!!

  • your not the best impostor but you try your best 😁😁

  • I like how lizzie call Joel Husband 💗❤️😍

  • Lizzie: Me and Quig are gonna be the best imposters. Quig fails to do double kill

  • I love you so soo much

  • 1st round: IMPOSTERINO 2nd round: I’m the impasta 😈 3rd round: oh no this is stressful oh jeez oh jeez

  • The new update is the worst

  • Joel : dies Lizzie : wait is my husband dead

  • Lizzie: Come on Quig Me: Yh guys go! Get out of there Quiglly! Quiglly - quickly

  • Lol

  • You are the 3rd imposter.

  • At the start at the first round, the first ’task’ you did is a FAKE TASK!!! I don’t know how they didn’t vote you sooner.

  • I love Minecraft to!

  • how do send fan mail

  • cm lizzie do a nover vid

  • How do you shadow lady I don’t like your friends I think you need new friends I hate them I hate your old friends because why because they’re rude and my voucher a lot in among us but when it’s other people they let them survive from our pastor so I think you should just get some new friends

  • Joel: *walking around completely normally and innocently* Lizzie: Joel is walking around *super* suspiciously. Lauren: *walking around completely normally and innocently* Lizzie: Lauren is... LAUREN'S COMING TO GET ME!

  • Lizzie I love you videos!

  • 👁👄👁🐣

  • i know lizzie it's hard

  • Liz: *first blames Joey* Liz: *then blames Shubble* Shubble: “now We know what to do” Kathrine: *votes Lizzie* *Liz gets voted out*

  • Lizzie: *votes her self cause thinks gonna get out* everyone: “ITS LIZZIE”! Lizzie: “wHY dId I dO dAt” everyone: “hA” 😆😂

  • 12:48 after an ad

  • I'm adilynn

  • cmon Quig

  • Fwhip: Gets voted out and it literally says "fWhip was an impostor" Joey: "sO iS iT kAtHeRiNe AnD lIzZiE?"