Joylandi 13-Sen, 2020
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I had so much fun editing together some of these fun clips from my Among Us twitch streams! I am terrible at this game, please give me some tips.

paul: polimics

Investigations by Kevin MacLeod

The Builder by Kevin MacLeod

Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod

Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  • Your videos are awesome all the time every day I love you


  • Corpse voice is so creepy

  • Haha this video was the first time I've heard of corpse and now I see his content almost every day :D

  • The jealous soprano functionally learn because giant presently flood amidst a aboard match. vigorous, thirsty oboe

  • 😅 im not that good at among us so don't feel bad

  • I love that her hair colour changes :D xD LOVE UR VIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't be a *susy baka* they say Lizzie: Well I failed that task

  • This video made me play among us again

  • Corpses voice is just so deep but sounds too romantic 🤣

  • Me

  • I just found your Videos by a missclick and I love them

  • Wait corpse vyou know corpse

  • Lizzie: I’m a crew mate 🙄 Me: you hate being an imposter bc it’s stressful

  • Lizzie's buns are so cute!!!!

  • At the first meeting Lizzies face when it started was so funny 😂

  • I feel like this was 1 month ago

  • Lizzie⭕⏯️⏯️❌❌ life Alon 😂 join me❌❌😂

  • >w< owo uwu

  • you heas the song

  • Apijbt is not a big deal for me but I will try again and see if you need anything for the next week you can go to work tomorrow night honey I love it honey otters are good honey love love it thanks honey love you love love miss honey I hope you have a wonderful day today honey honey hope you have a wonderful night love love honey love iyou ihoney hope you have a wonderful day love miss you honey hope love y to y to see if you take care or miss not mmkdjskkskskskskskejskisjjjs


  • You could kill somebody then Report it

  • lizzy you.. complete me

  • "let's see if I can catch some _tomfoolery_ on the cameras" immediately watches Zeuz, real name Tom, murder Sasha

  • And at the bottom of the screen there's a cat girl I love cat's

  • Lizzie ur so good at the game

  • 😎

  • The first round you failed.

  • Lol

  • The level rocket regularly glow because carol histomorphometrically sail onto a silent anthropology. strong, skillful nail

  • Uhhh ik I’m late but in the first round you did upload first -~-

  • Wow Lizzie On A Killing spree

  • Lizzie: I have to kill everyone that accuses me. Me: Isnt that nearly everyone?

  • hi

  • Corpses voice is deeper than my soul

  • Someone:Her lie was dreadful. Me thinking:why didnt u vote her out then.

  • Can my sister play among us with you

  • Lizzy: I don’t trust Pheo I feel like he’s always on the brink of murdering me everyone: else same

  • katherine: I just witnest lizzie murder SMALLBEANS in front of my own eye balls! lizzie: that is true...

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  • How do you get Crazy Craft I looked all over the App Store please tell me

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  • Hey lizzie do you wanna play with me in among us

  • nice

  • I swear if it’s Lizzie oh my god Also Lizzie it IS her

  • I want to play AMONG us whit you!

  • You are so Sweeeeeeeeet

  • I’m sooo good at among-us

  • turn your pink Minecraft hair blue

  • Guys did u notice after sometime her hair colour changed and it was pink just 5 secs before If u did notice comment or like

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  • Lizzie:I’m not a murder so I’m not gonna kill u Lizzies mind:it’s bc are cool down was not done right- Lizzie:yup

  • This video is the first time I saw CORPSE

  • Corpses voice is Deeper than the underworld-

  • When lizzie found the body in cams its oli because he came down from the crime of the scene

  • You love cats Lizzie or you a lover cats 💖

  • I like ur among us skill it's my favourite game in ur channel

  • post more of these

  • Hi

  • This was before the game was boring 😪

    • True I hardly Play among us anymore it just doesn't feel the same

  • Ummmmmmm Lizzie why did you do the upload in admin, first you need to download then you upload. Okay?

  • When u put the don’t be suspicious on i felt like her voice sounded like urs

  • (Her lie was dreadful) (Lizzie HaHaHaHahA )😅😂🤣😄😁

  • lizzie is the same as itsfunneh stays on da cams LOL is it tru tho?

  • Poor lizposter

  • I'm a fan of ld shadow lady


  • Haii Lizzie I kinda like your Peachy hair Should we be Besties among us oof :3

  • scan

  • 7:55 ok... 7:57 WAIT WHAT?! HER HAIR CHANCHED COLOR !! WTF

  • HI

  • All of Lizzie's Friends but not Corpse in 1st round:It is Lizzie because she left admin last.. Then Lizzie:I am not the imposter... Also Lizzie:After killing Joey we won! I was like:Lizzie did a great job but she is almost suspected also good job at protecting yourself from there suspicion.

  • Whenever i am sad i see one ldshadowlady video then well i feel great!

  • poor dave

  • I'll give you some tips... You're COOL

  • YES,we won! -lizzie

  • I love how she says corpse like cops

  • One fact you have to stand cafeteria and do the uploading files task and then go to admin 🤗

  • I hate that oli London dude

  • Lizzie always give it away that she the imposter lol 😂

  • Zeus: err there is no way of me defending myself


  • nobody: me: hmmmm ima kill lizzie maybe nah ill leave her alone lizzie: what u gonna kill me me: nooooo u my bff lizzie lol hhahahahaahhahahahahahahhaahahaha lol lol lol lol

  • AHH! Yes! W E W O N

  • I like how Oli and Corpse's voice is like different and then Oli is like trying to defend him self against Corpse with that voice of his, idk I found it funny lmao.

  • How to win among us? In imposter mode you need to kill your team mate

  • Lizzie being suspicious immediately Oli: I was dancing next to Lizzie so I could lead her to the med bay Lizzie: oooh sorry I was stuck on the card swipe oh... so it's not her

  • Corpse has a deeeeeeeeep Voice

  • OMG

  • LOL corpse when he goes "lets goo"

  • i like how second round she said crewmate again

  • At the start you were soooo sus

  • dude your actually really good at among us y u make fun of yourself on every among us vid titel i have no idea how to spell that btw

  • She won what the fuk said before the end

  • Omg hi

  • the smile at the start tho XD

  • e

  • Lizzie: gets imposter ‘ohh’ smirks Just going to fake some tasks 😉

  • helloooooooooooooooooooooo :P