Revenge 👿 | Ep. 21 | Minecraft X Life SMP

Joylandi 13-Fev, 2021
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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
Today I'm enacting my revenge on Jacksucks.

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Investigations by Kevin MacLeod

The Builder by Kevin MacLeod

Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod

Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (
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  • 2:12 "i wish for someone to kill GeminiTay, why is she still on one heart it pisses me off" wai.

  • it looks candylicious

  • I would have burnt the will

  • Is it normal for Lizzie to hide Jack’s testament in a chest, because I thought she would burn it in the lava

  • I kinda feel bad for jack 😭

  • Lizzey: ha ha now you will die oh wait I’m gonna die to

  • In ThE last episode seepeakay did cheat

  • I just watched salad fingers and that reminded of that one oven scene

  • See title Me:I have got to watch this

  • You soon op coooool😁😄

  • you should have just burned the original will

  • The innocence in jacks voice when he says “ LIZZIE IM ON HALF HEALTH THIS IT IT FOR ME AND MAH SERIES WILL END!!!!!”


  • 8:29 Yes. Yes it was worth it. Ú-Ù

  • Ldshadowlady shouldn't burn down the book

  • What’s the mod ya”ll

  • Is anybody else just loving her intro? Me: this is a nice episode Lizzie: IM GONNA BAKE JACK IN AN OVEN!!! Me: oh yeah good stuff. I’m strange

  • When you are building a candy house I realized it reminded me of Hansel and gretel

  • -Lizzie- I shall hide this so no one is ever going to see it agian! -also Lizzie- -recorded everything in the book as she read it out loud so everyone can see and know what’s inside and shows everyone where she hid it-

  • My hole family siting outside with music Me: sit in bed watching ldshadow

  • lizzie bild a panda stacho in the pandarichesh center pls if you kanot bild it its ok

  • I haven’t looked at all the way through this but if you kill Jack would you die?

  • “Made by LDshadowlady” Me: DUN DUN DUNNNNNN they will really know

  • I think 🤔🤔🤔 you should have burnt the book off camera. I'm a big fan❤️

  • Plz reply

  • How do U join Minecraft X SMp and troll craft ? Plz make a video on how to join funcraft ( same server as U are in ) plz also show how to do it on iPad

  • Bravo on 6M! :D

  • “I will not kill anyone” -lizzie *also her making a killing oven*

  • Lizzie: This is a Psycho Also Lizzie: so in case I didn’t make it clear already, My plan is to kill jack

  • Lizzy:this mans a psycho Me:Lizzy do u realize that your gonna kill a man

  • I realized it says hood spine it says by Aldi shadow lady so if they read that that’s why they came into your house

  • imao Lizzy has the best thumbnails ever 👌

  • What are you cooking and again but why did you even do that spell🍩🍩🍩🍩

  • I have a good idea for you your house I think you should put in a pet chicken name chuckles

  • Scribe to your video and sorry about that thing about your name just tell me your name yeah I’ve been at scribe and I’ve been once I’ve been commenting I’ve been wanting to be on you to be at subscriber and I want you to read out one of my comments

  • Lizzie: makes something shes gonna kill jack in so BeAuTiFuL!!!! so wOnDeRfUlL

  • jack : Lizzie is going down/die lizzie : no you dont jack imma cook you muhhahaah

  • "Your sooo nice to Jack lizzie"

  • Lizzie u should of burnt the book

  • Hey LDS Il destroy your Server In minecraft >:) IM GONNA REVENGE ON YOU

  • Girl just burn it in lava

  • Amp?


  • Lizzie : this man is a psycho Also Lizzie : I’m going to cook him in a oven

  • 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Babae kaba

  • 🍑🍑🍑🇵🇭🎨🎨

  • Omg 6 million! Congrats Lizzie! 🔥

  • One thing she could have done to get away with it is say she is the executed of the will

  • imagine if Lizzie says hi this is how many people think she should/I love you Lizzie l l l

  • Love you videos 😍

  • You shouldn’t have burned Jack’s well

  • You’re almost at 1000 videos KEEP IT UP! YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Lizzy kills jack kicks.but if she never put curse like that there's no death kinda her fault and kinda just for more fun vids how is gem one heart this ep still

  • Umm why is there something on the bottom of the playlist that's not even ldshadowladys

  • Lizzie : Ohhh- it was worth it ✨

  • *Not a terrible place to be murdered, tbh.*

  • sweet little psycho meme

  • I love this

  • How old is this??


  • "It was worth it" The best end to a video

  • Lizzie: **puts book up thinking it will work** Minecrafts logic of magically putting the name of who wrote the book: I’m about to ruin this (wo)mans whole career

  • To think that it all started for a frog prince

  • Lizzie: And then I’m going to cook him in a oven! Me: what!...And one question what kind of cake?

  • Lizzie is so sweet to Gem for not letting her be killed 🥺 @LDshadowlady

  • Guys when u move ur screen the book moves

  • I don't understanddddddddd😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Fjnxxjejtn

  • KrisfineMarieEZaFri

  • Marie😓😓😡😡🙄🙄😒😳🤮👿😈👻🤡☠️👹👺🔥😾🎃

  • Meep

  • Can you make a new X life Video??

  • hi

  • Yall, i just got the news that my great-grandfather got run over by a train, he was like 80 😔😔

  • I love yellow:(

  • Tbh I’m so mad at Jack 😡, he wanted someone to kill gem because she is still on 1 heart. YOU WANNA KNOW Y? BECAUSE SHE IS CAREFUL AND SHE DIDNT JOIN FOR AS LONG AS JACK. 😡😤

  • damn double homicide

  • 😜

  • Hu

  • 8:27 Lizzie's like: 'and I'd do it again'

  • I love u Lizzie so much we all love u and we just wish we could see u and meat u your awesome keep being u !!!🤩

  • Late to this series but it is the best one I have watched in a long time. Will be sorry to see it end.

  • Why is Lizzie my favorite minecraft youtuber? Please tell me.

  • Jesus loves you all no matter what Jesus Christ is king my savior my everything Jesus is coming soon and you better be ready amen

  • When you realize she could have killed him by simply killing herself: 0-0 But this was much more entertaining UWU

  • Ggggg

  • Me: why didn’t you just burn the will so nobody could find it? Also me: **writes my secrets in a diary, then I hide it right next to my door**

  • He can find the. Book by watching this vid

  • Lizzie: im going to get revenge on jacksucks. Jack: *Dies* Lizzie: MWA HAHAHAHA it was worth it.

  • Yellows my fav color


  • NO

  • Anyone will automatically recognize Lizzie’s builds if they see F a i r y L i g h t s

  • What if she just burnt the book in a flame? 🤔

  • Bad lizzie

  • My favorite videos are as follows: 1. Base Invaders. 2. Lizzie’s pranks on others. I love them!

  • Lizzie: This man is a pyscho also Lizzie plans to kill jack in an oven

  • jack;burning to death lizzie ; dies to also lizzie;worth it

  • I can't stop watching this