Thank you! 5 Million Subscriber Celebration

Joylandi 16-May, 2020
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Thank you for all your support over the years! I never thought we'd ever reach 5 million subscribers, this is wild. To celebrate this crazy milestone I have built the entire history of my UZfire channel in a minecraft world! Hopefully you recognises some of these phases if you are/were a fan of my channel.

The Builder by Kevin MacLeod

Scheming Weasel (faster version) by Kevin MacLeod

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod

Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod

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  • Thank you for all the sweet comments, you're gonna make me ugly cry 😭

  • I miss Crazycraft

  • I love all the shadow lady’s

  • Me hearing magic and enchanted oasis: MUST SEARCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzie. I made a video called ask LD and then I made a video called ask LD 2 and then I made a video called ask LD 3 and I had blue hair yeah what and if you think that’s wild just wait till you see ask LD 4 Brown hair what who is she?

  • When my best friend told me you were a UZfirer, I decided to watch one of your videos and I instantly knew you were my favorite UZfirer. You picked up my mood when I was sad & crying. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been watching you since that day!

  • I love you Lizzy

  • Fun facts one of the ask ldshadowlady is still on the channel

  • You should keep building on to this world and we are now on empires

  • I rember enchanted Oasis

  • I love you so much

  • Congrats and she now has 6M subscribes

  • How did you do that

  • Lizzie you deserve 5 million subscribers

  • Idk u kinda sound like Yammy probably because u both have ascents

  • I found out your videos at 100 actually 1 Day 1 and 100 days in Minecraft that is when I found out you but I don't think I found it on the day of something

  • And we are at 6m


  • I am a subscriber

  • you joined on nearly my little sisters birthday that was 2010 8th of Janurary

  • me: looks away for two seconds Lizzie: So I'm just going to put some apples on the tree.. Me remembering when lizzie made apple eat apple pie...: *screams into void*

  • i’ve been here since the gmod videos and this video makes me so excited and emotional, thank you so much for my childhood lizzie i love you ❤️

  • After watching this video I won’t to watch all the Minecraft and sims 4 videos so I will coment in every video so I will come back to this video and...yah so se you in a year C:

  • Pov: i got recommended this a year later, and cried.

  • I’m a veteran

  • I thought she was going to put in Dat Boi

  • That was two years after I was born

  • OMG

  • is no one gonna talk about the bunnies on moon island all being called Jeremy

  • 😊 aww

  • Nice

  • *Who remembers in shadow craft when Lizzie got stuck on the toilet-*

  • Congrats on 6 million

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  • A wise person once said, Emo grass

  • LY LIZZ!~!!!!!!!!!

  • Did you scammed her for a block of diamond

  • i subscribed but i had to get one of my pirenc to mack me this email so i cud subscrib

  • Your amazing Lizzie! You deserve all of your subs, and we’re all so happy for you! Thank you for posting Lizzie, we love you!

  • I love your vids I wasn’t in ye 5 mill but I am glad I took part of being a subscriber

  • I love your videos

  • I just realized that Lizzie started her channel when I was born

  • I love your videos

  • Love your video LDShadowLady

  • I love you LD shadow lady I watch you all the time when I’m sad

  • I started watching lizzie since the channel started

  • One year and 6.04mil now

  • And I’m almost 8

  • I started watching your videos when I was three years old

  • On average since 1 million Lizzie has got about a million subs per year. 👏👏👏🌈

  • I’ve been watching since the first shadowcraft but then stopped watching after the first one life,, im still really glad to see this channel still active and growing and I know Lizzie will stay my favorite youtuber forever :]

  • Bro- this is already 1 year ago and she already has 6 million-

  • I L O V E Y O U

  • Aah! Happy 6.04M subscribers Lizzie!

  • Me watching this: I have seen every video other then the call of duty videos and the videos in the vault

  • OMG i realize im your biggest fan since i watch your video 2 days ago

  • She needs to give us a six million subs video

  • Okay 👍

  • Veteran Cadets Unite :D

  • Well done for 6 million Lizzie 🎉🎉🎉

  • Girl in a year your gonna have 6.03million

  • I love your videos!!! There's so much

  • Me like Lizzy :)

  • when your nine days older than her channel

  • I suppose I do I ever watch to get you up there and it was the video you don’t want hundred hundred things on them map

  • i wait every day for new vids i love them keepcup the good work

  • I thought this just came out it’s been a year I’m quite confused

  • I want to be a yutobr

  • I subscribed

  • Lizzie your beautiful and unique, please don’t ever change. Every day I am expired by watching you and Smallishbeans (Aka Joel) videos. Oh and I was born in 2010 and that’s when you started your UZfire channel so I’m really happy!



  • I remember when you did the series base Invaders

  • yay she has 6 millions subs now :D

  • Yo she made her channel when I wasn't even born yet I- *But atleast I get to watch her now

  • Lizzie:”brown hair” Black hair: ;-; what did you say???

  • same and btw Lizzie im crying too rn I have been with u from the start and I can’t believe u have made it this far, ur my fav youtuber and u always will be ilysm!! >:) 💖😚

  • you forgot dat boi in funcraft lizzie ı love uuu

  • *6 million

  • I am a veteran I’ve been here since 2010

  • You forgot xlife

  • What the hegldy what the heck I don’t even have call of duty

  • I don’t even know when I was born but I definitely wasn’t born when you made your channel

  • Gurl you have 6 million subs now

  • Lizzie i loved your Channels their SO sweet i wish i can be UZfirer iswell you are not unluckyest Player your the Luckyest Player love your comments💖💕💕💜😭

  • Are you still making videos because I like your videos

  • I’m watching this and she says she has 5 million subscribers but now she has 6.2 subscribers

  • I love the mushroom one it's so cute🥺🥺💗💗🌹 (I can't find a mushroom emoji

  • Your welcome ldshadow lady

  • I Love you video

  • Just visited your first video ever on UZfire which was made over 10 years ago and now you have More than 6 million subs good job :D

  • A year ago she got 5 mil subs now a year later 6 mil it’s like she gains 1 mil a year

  • 6 million right nowww! I kinda wish Lizzie put her player head literally everywhere but the place you were supposed to for recreating the Build VS xD

  • can't you make more base but it have to be dangerous

  • i love when you make a base it's so cute 😗😄

  • 2 weeks ago

  • I remeber the cal of djuti fase

  • How could you forget zodiac and bear...

  • Check her video when she got married 😭💖 it's very appreciating please 💓😭