The Friend Test | Ep. 19 | Minecraft X Life SMP

Joylandi 6-Yan, 2021
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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.

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  • Wat Color is my which wand: Green What caused my first first death: fall damage Name something unique in my house: froggy chair Name one of my pets: Moon Paw💖🌸

  • Lizzie: fairy lights are the not purest light in the universe..... They fact BROKEN FAIRY LIGHT ARE BROKEN- me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • i saw the video when lizzie and joey get married. its so cute

  • Your house is name bunny friendship

  • 1. light Green. 2. Beamed up by weird nether beams with Smallishbeans failing to attempt to save you.

  • Green Fall Damage Frog Prince Boutique Moon Paw Froggy Chair and Secreat enchantment room and a lot of other things

  • 1. Green 2. Falling 3. Frog boutique 4. Fernando 5. Frog chair

  • The color of your wand is green and you put a mod on the server so you could get a wand😃 let’s just pretend that I jump down the hole! Can I be on the wall plz!

  • 1: Green 2: Fall Damage 3: The Frog Prince Boutique 4: Fernando 5: The Froggy Chair with the Overgrown backdrop

  • 1. Light green 2. Fall damage 3. The frog prince boutique 4. The Frog Prince 5. Frog Throne

  • 4. Turtle Jeremy 5. Frog chair

  • Okay to answer her trivia questions She died by fall damage Death fart is the name of a zombie horse Her shop is frog prince boutique Her wand is green And she has Jeremy bucks in her house just chilling

  • scott:"WEEEEEEE! OH OH! OH?" i died laughing LMAO

  • #1 green #2 fall damage #3 Frog prince boutique #4 moon paw #5 froggy chair

  • Gem Pet name is Blue :) Now I guess You guys are friends now?

  • green, fall damage,the frog price boutique,Fernando,Your froggy chair

  • As you can see I already have 1 friend! -lizzie

  • 1: its green. 2: when you was at the bapoo island you fall I think. 3: the Prince frog boutiquo, sorry if I misspelled the boutiquo.. 4: Moon paw 5: I think it's maybe the secret room in the basement.

  • I really want to play you in tlauncher 2.8

  • I really wanna know this : Are You guys using mods? If yes what mods are those i wanna know cause their so pretty If no then how is that server not normal?

  • I love how Lizzie has such a cute kawaii style and that does things like this

  • 5. FROGGY CHAIR🐸🐸🐸🐸

  • Joel was freindzoned even after marriage lol

  • Lizzie: You were never in any danger, don't worry. I would NEVER kill my friends. Also Lizzie: * builds death parkour that kills nine of her close X life friends *

  • Wand Colour: Green First Death: Fall damage Shop Name: The Frog Prince Boutique Pet Name: Fernando (Seahorse) Something special that is inside of your house: You have a grassy outdoor themed Frog Throne Love you LDShadowlady! 💗💜💙😁

  • your coler of your wand is yelow fall damig

  • Minecraft x life smp

  • 1 i think pink 2 idk 3 frog prince boutique 4moon paw 5 froggy chair? Sorry i dont understand the question

  • Lizzie: husband and wife Joel:yay 👐

  • Solid White Grey? . . . WHICH IS IT?! WHITE OR GREY?!

  • Guesses for questions: 1~ green 2~ death of falling 3~ no idea I’m not a friend- :> 4~ zodiac 5~ strip mine

  • The froggy boutique

  • Your paintings

  • When you were walking around the jungle you found death

  • Moon Paw

  • The color of your wand is green

  • .3 moon paw 4. Groggy chair

  • Green

  • Hmmm 🤔🤔 something unique in ur hous hmm ahh you got a cute sea horse named franando cute name by the way 😇😇😇

  • 1. Green for your cauldron 2. Fall 3. The prince frog boutique? 4. Moon paw? 5. Fernando Trident (I don't know if I spelled Fernando right he he)

  • Fernando

  • Blood moon

  • The frog Prince 🤴 boutique

  • Falling

  • Green

  • 2:48 1. Green 2. Falling 3. The Frog Prince Boutique 4. Poison Ivy (horse) 5. The gold play button

  • My answers to the quiz: 1. Green 2. Death by fall damage 3.The Frog Prince Boutique 4. Deathfart, Lizzies zombie horse 5. A unique thing in Lizzies house is her froggie chair

  • . . . TwT

  • lolll

  • i don,t know

  • maybe i failed

  • death falling right blood moon right i don t know your bed and maybe fairy light lol

  • Since I passed the test and just tell me am i ur frend or not pls I beg u pls tell me

  • Evan if u don now me but am i ur frend 😅😅

  • So am I ur frend 😅😅

  • Something unique in ur hous hmm 🤔🤔 ahh you got a cute sea horse named franando cute name by the way just like u are

  • 1.yellow2.that drink Thing 3.idk bc I YUST watched tis vid for this serie for the first time 4.panda 5.same as 3

  • Green fall frog prince boutge

  • 1.) Green 2.) Falling 3.) Frog Prince Boutique 4.) Jia pan, Calcium Queen (In case Jia pan might've died-) 5.) The secret enchanting table

  • oli is one of my favorites he really just “ok *jumps*”

  • Hi I'm an new subscriber and can I ask u something what mod do you use thanks and a big fan I love the buildings you made 😊

  • 1. green 2. falling 3. the frog prince boutique 4. Pandamonium 5. enderman mob farm

  • Trivia answers 1. Green 2.Fall damage 3.Prince Frog Boutique 4.Moon Paw 5.your mob spawners in your basement

  • 1. green 3. fog prince 4 moon paw

  • I’m sad for your friends 😢

  • 1. What colour is ldshadowladys wand. My answer: green 2. What caused ldshadowladys first death My answer:fall damage 3.what LDShadowLady's shop name My answer: the frog prince Boutique 4. Name one of LDShadowLady's animals My answer: willow 5. Name something unique in LDShadowLady's house My answer:fairy lights and fan painting I hope you see this ldshadowlady💙🤩 and love your vids

  • I hope we are bffs to 💜❤

  • Frogey char!!!!!!

  • Hehehe I would’ve jumped down the hole prob cus I thought there was water down there

  • Green wand, I think it was at the nether when you were hanging by those red strings, I THINK its prince frog boutique,Deathfart the zOmBie horse,Your frog chair surrounded by flowers Did I pass

    • Me realizing I failed..

    • and yes I am very late to reply.

    • NO OR IT WAS WHEN YOU WERE IN THE CAVE AND THERE WERE A BUNCH OF MOBS AND STUFF AND YOU WERE RUNNING AWAY AND YOU DIED its either that or the red strings in the nether (the two mob spanwer's with witches and zombies also creepers) DId I PaSs

  • How you died a small fall

  • Wand is lime fell of three blocks frog prince boutique froggy chair moon paw

  • We’re Besty‘s🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Cool

  • 4. Fish tank

  • 3. Fall damage

  • 2. Purple

  • 1. Prince boutique

  • Did you see Ollie achievement Stone Age?

  • 1: green 2:Fall damage 3:Frog Prince Boutique 4:Fernando 5:Froggy Chair Shrine Thing

  • Lizzie how do you feel about Lauren zside having a child

  • Trivia question answers: 1. Green 2. Fall damage 3. The Frog Prince Boutique 4. Turtle Jeremy 5. Your frog chair

  • So the coler of your wand is green and what caused your first death was a small fall the name of your shop is the frog Prince boutique and the only pet I can name is moon paw and something I can name in your house is your secret book shelf I hope I got them right

  • Your magic Juan Green

  • Six heart club 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • 3:What is the name of her shop: The Frog Prince Boutique

  • 5:Name something unique in her house:FROGGY CHAIR.😋

  • 4:Name one of her animals:Panda.

  • 2.What caused her first death:A fall.

  • 1. What color is her witch wand: lime.

  • omg if i grow up i wanna be an engineer yay

  • 1- it’s a green wand 2- falling 3-The frog prince boutique 4-willow the fox 5- I don’t know if your trophy’s count but the trophy I find unique is the Chest plate the one that dropped form the skeleton I know I’m late on comments so ya 😁

  • All i can say to you

  • hey liz you are my fav ytber

  • frog boutie

  • Not yellow I mean green

  • Wall, of flowers

  • Moon Paw

  • The frog prince boutique

  • Fall damage